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Minnesota Roofing Safety

It is so very important that you take all the necessary precautions when doing any kind of work on your roof.  A study revealed that falls from roofs accounted for 1/3 of fall-related construction fatalities from 1992-2009.  This is not to scare you.  This is so that you will understand how dangerous it is to get up on your roof without using the proper safety gear correctly.  You may find it necessary to climb up on your roof to fix broken shingles, clean up debris or clean your gutters, but going without a secured safety harness and using proper precautions can have deadly consequences.  Here are some thing to be watchful of:

Never work on your roof alone.  If something should happen, the faster they can get to you the better.  Before you climb that ladder be sure it is on a solid, level surface.  Be sure the legs are secured to prevent slipping.  Be aware of where you are placing the ladder as resting it against the guttering is not a good option due to the damage it can cause.  Don’t walk on your roof when it is wet, especially if there are leaves present as it can be extremely slippery.  Be careful where you leave tools and materials as you are working.  If you keep everything picked up there is less chance of tripping and falling over them.  Wear sturdy shoes or boots as they will give you the traction you need and help prevent slipping.  Be careful where you step and how hard you step as shingles can crack and break under your weight.  Never do roof work if there are storms of any kind in your area, especially if it is windy.  A gust of wind can take a person right off the roof and unto the ground in a moment.  Keep your focus and don’t get distracted.  Also, stay away from the edge of the roof at all times.  One miss-step can land you in a terrible situation.  If you suffer from vertigo or are afraid or uncomfortable with heights, do not go on the roof.  This is not the time to “just try” to get over your issue.  Falling from a roof is not a short fall.

As stated before, climbing onto your roof is not something to be taken lightly.  It is best to contact a qualified roofing contractor who has the equipment and takes every safety precaution to ensure not only their safety but your roof’s safety as well.  Why not let the experienced professionals at Ronningen Roofing do your roofing inspections and repairs.  They have the training and the knowledge to inspect your entire roofing system and schedule any needed repairs.  IF you're looking for a qualified Canon Falls, MN Roofing Contractor our customer service is our number one priority.  Allow us to do the work for you while you stay safe and secure.

Proper Roof Flashings: St. Charles, Minnesota

To keep your home free from water leaks a properly installed and maintained roof is key.  Another key is the flashings that surround your chimney, skylights, dormer windows and all vents.  Flashings are put in place to keep water from seeping into your home and compromising its structure.  They keep everything watertight but still allow for the natural contraction and expansion that occurs due to temperatures.  While you may not have a chimney or skylights, every home has vents.  

Vents coming out of your roofing may be from the kitchen, bathroom or attic.  Improper ventilation in these areas can decrease the life of your roofing, cause mold growth in your attic insulation along with wood rot.  It can also damage your roof’s framing structure.  The flashing that surrounds these vents are just as important as the vents themselves.  Any type of crack, rust, broken seam, missing nail or tear can allow water to seep inside your home causing damage.  Caulking alone may not be the answer.  This is why it is best left to the professionals.

Our experienced team at Ronningen Roofing have the knowledge and the experience to not only do inspections to spot potential problems but also investigate any issues you may be having and quickly find a solution. Ronningen Roofing Contractors proudly services southern Minnesota areas, such as St. Charles, Minnesota. Our roofing contractors will work with you, answer any and all questions you may have and come up with a solution that will best fit your needs and your budget.  Customer service is our number one priority.  Allow them to do the work for you so your home will keep your family safe and secure for years to come.