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Northfield, Minnesota Roofing Contractor

Located south of Minneapolis and Saint Paul and just about thirty minutes from Rochester along the shores of the Cannon River sits the friendly town of Northfield.  Known as a college town, Northfield has a welcoming atmosphere that gives one plenty to do in the realm of the arts, history and nature.  While it does get plenty of sunshiny days, the winter does bring an above average amount of snowfall which can do roofing and gutter damage to your home.

Icicles hanging from your roof may look pretty but it can point to underlying problems which is one of your home’s enemies, ice dams.  Ice dams are formed when warmer temperatures or heat escaping from your attic or roof space melts the snow sitting on your roof.  As the snow begins to melt it runs down to the coldest part of your roof and freezes, thus the ice builds up in your gutters and the icicles form.  Because of this ice dam, the thawing snow begins to pool behind it, backing up underneath your roofing shingles, eventually finding its way inside your home.  Water running down your walls and ceilings can only be part of the damage as it can ruin your drywall, insulation and paint, even stain the wood around your windows and doors.  And once the ice dam appears, it is a continual cycle until the problem has been repaired.  Should the ice dam break free it can take with it not only the roofing shingles but the gutter as well.

If you have noticed ice dams forming during the winter months it is best to have your roofing and attic inspected by qualified roofing contractors.  The experienced team at Ronningen Roofing will access any problems and potential problems, discuss it with you and give you a written estimate.  Our roofing contractors are not only experienced, but we use quality products. We will make all necessary repairs so that your home is safe and secure in every season.

Faribault, Minnesota Roofing Contractor

From an old Victorian home painted pink and baby blue to a downtown that puts one in remembrance of Andy Griffith’s Mayberry to a cathedral that is claimed to be the very first Episcopal cathedral built in the United States whose cornerstone was laid in 1862, all speak of the uniqueness that is Faribault.

Homes and land abound in this corner of southern Minnesota, from structures surrounded by trees to those that sit right on the lake.  Foliage, winds and weather that is common to this part of the country continually work against your roofing all year long.  Summer brings with it high humidity, heat and occasional thunderstorms while winter ushers in the freezing temperatures along with ice and snow.  These temperature extremes can take a toll on your roofing, gutters, vents and flashing.  The best time to have these inspected is during the spring and fall months right before the temperatures hit their highest highs and lowest lows.

Getting the maximum lifespan from your roof depends on the materials used and the care and maintenance you, the homeowner, put into it.  Yearly or twice yearly inspections can make all the difference as a qualified roofing contractor will not only be able to spot problems they see now, but can also see potential problems in the future.  While you may be able to climb up on your roof and see missing or cracked tiles, rusted gutters or damaged flashing, know that even the smallest amount of water on the roof or wind gust can be a potential hazard to your safety.

An experienced roofing contractor knows exactly what to look for and how to safely move around without doing damage to the roofing or guttering.  So, if you have found something regarding your roofing system that is a concern or you just don’t feel comfortable climbing up on your roof, allow our expert staff do the work for you.  Quality workmanship and excellent customer service is our priority here at Ronningen Roofing, so if there are any repairs needed, we will get the work safely done for you.  We can also answer any and all questions you may have.    Allow us to help your roof live out its full lifespan to keep you and your family safe and comfortable.