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Austin, Minnesota Roofing Contractor

When you think of Austin you think of historic theaters, beautiful parks and nature centers, country clubs with all the amenities that even feature the finest golfing courses in southern Minnesota, along with baseball and hockey teams, and the famous SPAM Museum.  One other thing Austin is known for is their unusually high rate of precipitation.  While this is a wonderful thing for the farmers, it can create a problem for your roofing system.

Water can cause problems for your roof regardless of the season.  While out doing yard work you may have noticed missing shingles or granules filling your downspouts or gutters.  In your home you may be seeing water stains on your ceilings, walls or near your fireplace or chimney.  These may be signs of your roofing system needing a little TLC.  It is important to pay attention to what your roof is telling you so that you can fix any problems or potential problems as it may save you money in the future as minor problems now, can cause major damage down the road.

It is very difficult to tell exactly where a water leak is coming from.  Where you are seeing water staining is usually not where the leak originated.  This is why you need to have an experienced roofing contractor take a closer look.  The professionals at Ronningen Roofing have the expertise to go in, trace back the water line and know exactly where the leak started so that it can be repaired.  Also, a great line of defense is to have your roofing system inspected at least once a year to get ahead of any potential problems.

If you have any concerns about your roofing, including vents, flashing or gutters, give us a call.  Our knowledgeable roofing contractors know exactly what needs to be done to find any problem and make sure your roof is safe and secure for your family regardless of the season.  

Shingle Stain Removal

Looking at your roof you may have noticed dark streaks on your asphalt shingles.  While it may simply be dirt or defective shingles, living in humid areas such as Winona, Minnesota can create a breeding ground for something far more serious, algae.  While algae, also known as roof mold, doesn’t do damage to your roof it does do damage to the curb appeal and resale value of your home and in some instances can be a health hazard.  That is why it is so important is to know exactly what the problem is and how to handle it in the most effective and efficient manner.

Occasional cleaning of your roof is a good idea, but be aware that if handled incorrectly it might do more damage to your roofing.  Using harsh chemicals or a pressure washer will shorten the lifespan of your shingles not to mention it can be extremely dangerous walking on a wet roof ill-prepared.  You may even kill grass, flowers and shrubs with the runoff. Rather than placing yourself in a difficult and dangerous situation, you may want to consider having a roofing inspector come out and determine the true nature of your roof’s discoloration.

Roofing inspectors are trained to handle the dangers and will be able to determine what the problem is and if it’s a danger to you or your family. After inspection, if algae is found, our roofing experts will know exactly what needs to be done not only to eliminate the current growth but prevent future growth as well.  Having your roof cleaned by the roofing experts at Ronningen Roofing will not only save you thousands of dollars in a roof replacement, but it is also environmentally responsible as it keeps old shingles out of landfills.  Having your roofing cleaned also saves you money in energy costs as it reduces the buildup of heat in your attic.  Should any other problems be found, our roofing contractors will discuss all fixes to get your roof in shape once again.  The roofers at Ronningen Roofing have the tools and the experience to safely get the job done for you.