Roofing Contractors: St. Peter, MN

Saint Peter, Minnesota is a hospitable and genuinely warm community which is located in the Minnesota River Valley. Saint Peter’s hospitality and sense of community can be seen in the large celebrations that they host every year. People come from all over to attend the Old Fashioned Independence Day celebration picnic on July 4th. Not only is there a picnic, but a parade, the drum and bugle corps event and a beautiful display of fireworks in the evening. Many look forward to September which holds the annual Rock Bend Folk Festival. In October, students and dignitaries from all over the world make it a point to come to Albert Lea to take part in the week-long, world famous Nobel Conference.

While all these exciting events mark the good in this city, one natural disaster that occurred on March 29, 1998 destroyed two-thirds of the town causing major loss throughout. Thankfully the entire town has recovered from the devastation of that tornado, making them a stronger and tighter-knit community.

Rebuilding and restructuring has taken place in the town, but one thing that needs to continually take place is yearly roof inspections. Your roofing system is what keeps your family, your home and its contents safe from the snow and ice of winter and the rain and winds of summer. Many people do not know exactly what to look for when doing an inspection nor do they feel safe climbing up on their roof. For this reason it is best to hire a professional to do it for you. Our experienced roofing contractors at Ronningen Roofing have been doing inspections, maintenance and roof replacements since 1998. We know exactly how to spot not only problems but potential problems that could cost you in the future. Allow our team of professionals to help keep your home safe during any season of the year.

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