Rochester, MN - Roofing Siding Gutters Slideshow

  • Shingles


    Installation of shingles to a new roof.

    Large Roof
  • Preparation


    Preparation for installation of roofing and siding to a new home.

    Roofing & Siding
  • Roofing crew


    Our roofing crew removing some old roofing.

    Roof Repair
  • Cleaning the roof


    Our roofers cleaning the roof deck and flashing.

    Roof Repair
  • New shingles


    New shingles are stacked neatly on the peak as the crew sweeps off the roof.

    Roof Repair
  • Final preparations


    Final preparations prior to new materials being installed.

    Roof Repair
  • New roof edging


    New roof edging, ice dam protection, and tar paper have been installed.

    Roof Repair
  • Architectural shingles


    New architectural shingles being carefully installed.

    Roof Repair Half Done
  • Stair step


    Notice the "stair step" application method, ensuring proper spacing and nailing patterns.

    Roof Repair Half Done
  • Shingle application


    Another view of shingle application.

    Roof Repair Half Done
  • Smaller roof fully prepared


    Another view showing the smaller roof fully prepared to be shingled next.

    Roof Repair Half Done
  • Old roofing products have been removed asap


    All of the old roofing products have been removed and cleaned up immediately. Our trained roofers being shingle application by 9:00 a.m.

    Roof Repair Half Done
  • Maintenance free soffit


    Trained employee installs new, maintenance free soffit and fascia.

    Roof Repair Half Done
  • Pella windows and Mastic siding


    Also note the new Pella windows and Mastic siding Ronningen Roofing is installing.

    Roof Repair Half Done
  • Windows are fully installed


    New windows are fully installed and sealed. All walls are prepared for new siding.

    Roof Repair Half Done
  • (16)


    Roof Repair Half Done
  • Finished job


    New Pella windows, mastic vinyl siding, as well as Mastic vinyl accent shakes.

    Roof Repair Half Done
  • Finished job


    New Pella windows and Mastic vinyl siding.

    Roof Repair Half Done
  • Preparations to the home


    Our roofing crew removing cedar shingles. Notice the preparations to the home to prevent any damage.

    Roof Repair Half Done
  • Cedar shake removal


    Another view of cedar shake removal with tarps protecting all of the siding and windows.

    Roof Repair Half Done
  • Installing CertainTeed Presidential TL shingles


    Our roofers installing CertainTeed Presidential TL shingles. A heavy duty shingle that replicates cedar shingles.

    Roof Repair Half Done
  • New chimney flashing and vents


    Another view of the Presidential TL shingles installed. Also in view is new chimney flashing and vents.

    Roof Repair Half Done

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