Roofing Contractors: Fairmont, MN

Located right in the heart of southern Minnesota and known for its hospitality and scenic lakes is the town of Fairmont. Five lakes provide recreational areas for swimming, boating, water skiing and fishing. The beauty of its land, the friendliness of its residents, along with unique specialty shops and, of course, the lakes, makes Fairmont “Southern Minnesota’s best kept secret.”

Due to the lakes and the rains and snow of the seasons, it also makes it a very humid place to live. Humidity can be a breeding ground for algae which you may have noticed as dark streaks on your asphalt shingle roof. These dark streaks can also be dirt, mold, mildew or defective shingles, but the best way to know exactly what is going on is to hire a professional roofing contractor to inspect your roof to determine if there is any problem or if it is just a cosmetic issue.

Occasional cleaning of your roof might not do damage, but using harsh chemicals or a pressure washer can. It is important to know exactly what the problem is and how to handle it in the most effective and efficient manner. Along with this, safety is an issue any time you are working on the roof as adding water can make it extremely dangerous.

Having your roof inspected and if need be, cleaned by the roofing experts at Ronningen Roofing will not only save you thousands of dollars in a roof replacement, but it is also environmentally responsible as it keeps old shingles out of our landfills. Having your roof cleaned also saves you money in energy costs as it reduces the buildup of heat in your attic. Our professional roofers have the tools and the experience to safely get the job done for you. We will do whatever it takes to get your roof looking beautiful once again.

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