Roofing Contractors: Caledonia, MN

In addition to being known as the Wild Turkey Capital of Minnesota, Caledonia, is also known as “The Heart of Quilt Country.” This celebration of agricultural heritage was birthed out of a creative barn improvement project by a local family. Little did they know that the traditional quilt pattern they painted on plywood and hung on their barn would touch so many other families who now have painted wooden quilts on their barns as well; a beautiful sight to see at any time of the year.

While the winters in Minnesota can be harsh, it is important to use the spring and summer months to examine your roof, gutters and roofing vents. Something that seems like a cosmetic problem may well in fact become a more serious issue, such as rust on your flashing or gutters which can cause leaks allowing water to come into your home damaging walls, windows, etc. This is why it is important during these months to take the time to check all parts of your roofing system looking for damaged tiles, rusty nails or metal flashing or even flashing or tiles that have pulled away from the roof and chimney, just to name a few.

It isn’t always easy or safe to climb up on the roof yourself. You may not know everything you are supposed to look for to ensure your roof will be ready for the winter months that are coming. However, a qualified, knowledgeable roofing contractor does. They have all the equipment necessary to make a complete assessment of your roofing system and to do so safely.

If you are in need of roofing repair, are looking to replace your roof or simply want someone to take a look to be sure all is well, choose Ronnigen Roofing. We offer quality workmanship with top quality products. We always make sure your products are installed to factory specifications, while providing you with the best warranties available. Ronnigen Roofing proudly services Caledonia, MN and its surrounding areas.

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