Roofing Contractors: Lake City, MN

Centrally located along the banks of Lake Pepin and the Mississippi River you can find the lovely community of Lake City, Minnesota. Being centrally located allows you to spend more time doing the things you love and less time in traffic. With boating, golfing and snowmobiling as well as charming shops and fine galleries, you can find something to do at any time of the year.

While Lake City offers year round fun for the family, the only time you can take care of your roof is during the spring and summer months. It is a mistake to ignore your roofing system until a problem occurs. Extreme temperature cycles, such as those we have here in Minnesota, cause the most stress on your roofing, gutters, vents and flashing, and if not taken care of can lead to damage outside and inside your home. It is important to examine your roof during the spring or summer, after the coldest temperatures finally pass. Major storms that bring hail, high winds and heavy rains can cause damage in a short amount of time.

If you are noticing water stains or dampness on your walls, ceilings, chimney or fireplace or even on pipes that are venting your water heater or furnace, there could be a potential problem with your roofing that needs to be taken care of before more damage occurs. You might have noticed a large amount of granules from your roofing tiles accumulating in your downspouts or in your gutters. This is a sign that your roof ,may be nearing its lifespan and may need some attention. Also, missing roof shingles and broken gutters are a problem waiting to happen for both outside and inside your home.

When you are looking for a roofing contractor regarding any of these issues in the Lake City area choose Ronnigen Roofing. Our experienced roofing specialists have the expertise to assist you and discuss your necessary options in regards to repair or replacement. Customer service is our #1 priority.

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