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Leaks Due to Water Condensation in the Attic

Water leaks and stains on your ceiling may not necessarily tell of a roofing problem.  The origin of water stains and leaks can be tricky to determine as water can run along many hidden surfaces before settling on a particular spot.  Yes, problems with flashings or broken and/or missing shingles can definitely be the culprit, there is another culprit as well and that is condensation in your attic.  The simple definition of condensation is when warm air rises and loses the ability to hold water vapor.  When this happens the excess water vapor “condenses” to form water droplets.  Roof condensation occurs when moisture becomes trapped between the roof and the insulation.  This problem usually occurs because of insufficient ventilation, no ventilation at all or excess moisture in your home.  

Fresh air in your roof cavity is a necessity.  It must be properly ventilated with the use of intake vents.  In the same manner, air needs to leave and exhaust vents will do the trick.  A balanced roof ventilation system is essential.  Regular activities in your home such as laundry, cooking, showers and the like, produce moisture and this moisture, especially in the summer time with its own heat factor, rises.  If your attic is not properly ventilated or sealed, moisture will get trapped between the insulation and the roof.  If you’ve ever climbed up in your attic you know it can be much hotter than the rest of your home, 50 to 70 degrees hotter in most cases.  Once this moisture is trapped and the evening comes, and with it cooler temperatures, that vapor turns into a liquid, thus the condensation.  Unchecked roof condensation can cause rust, mold and your shingles to buckle which can lead to additional problems. 

Condensation problems need to be caught early as the damage and expense will only continue to increase.  It also isn’t something you can easily take care of yourself.  This is where expert, professional roofers like the ones at Ronningen Roofing can help.  As stated before, it can be difficult to find the origin of a leak, but our roofers have the experience to not only find the problem but to fix it for you, too.  If you live in southern Minnesota, and are concerned about proper ventilation, we have the expert team who can do an inspection and recommend ways to reduce your home’s moisture level.  Customer service is our number one priority so give us a call today.