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How to Distinguish Roofing Stains

Dirt, algae and a variety of other factors can lead to the stains you may have been noticing on your roof.  While some stains only cause cosmetic damage, there are others that can be the source of damage to your roofing materials.  It is always best to call an experienced roofing contractor who can climb up on the roof and do a thorough inspection, but these may be some of the causes:

Dark streaking on your roofing can be caused by algae, dirt or the decomposition of debris.  If you are noticing dark staining in a particular area, such as by your chimney, this could possibly be soot.  Also, look to see if there is an overhanging tree which can encourage the growth of moss and fungus or can drop leaves and sticks that can decompose. 

If the pattern of the stain goes across the entire roof and is not due to a chimney or overhanging trees, it could possibly be due to the materials themselves which could be having a bleeding effect.  Another factor could be the sun shining on the roof in a particular position.  

Red stains can be rust from metal flashings, metal chimneys or caps, or antennas which have been mounted on the roof.  In any of these cases it is wise to have the roof inspected to make sure everything is safe and working efficiently and check for any leaks or areas that have the potential for leaks in the future.

In any of these situations there is no better person to call who would know exactly what is going on with the stains you are seeing on your roof than a qualified roofing contractor.  The team at Ronningen Roofing, who have been servicing areas such as Caledonia, Minnesota, has the knowledge and experience to know not only what is causing the staining but how to fix it.  We will work with you and your budget to give your home the curb appeal it deserves.