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Roofing Contractor: Water Damage

Water can be a year round trouble maker for your roof.  In the winter months as the temperatures fluctuate if you even have the smallest cracks in your shingles, water can get into those spaces and cause a big problem.  If you get any amount of water inside those spaces it will freeze and expand as the temperatures lower causing your shingles to move away from the roof.  Next time the temperature rises and snow begins to melt, the water has to go somewhere which unfortunately usually is under the shingles and inside your home.  Not only is the water moving into your home but the expanding of the area around the shingles create a gap so more water can invade, allowing the cycle to continue through the winter.  Winter ice dams at the edge of your roof can bring with it another whole group of problems that will need attention.

While rain in spring is a necessity for the ground to come back to life again, it can be a game changer for your home and your roof.  You may begin noticing water stains on your ceilings or walls.  As you get out into the yard you may also notice missing shingles on the roof or granules filling your gutters and downspouts.  These may be signs of your roof’s aging process and if not attended to promptly, it may lead to potential problems down the road.  It is important to pay attention to what your roof is telling you as it may save you money in the future as minor leaks can cause major damage down the road.  

While it is very difficult to tell exactly where a water leak is coming from, the experienced roofing professionals at Ronningen Roofing know exactly where to look.  They can get into your attic to check for water damage and climb on your roof to not only inspect the roof itself but the vent boots and flashing as well.  They will be able to follow the line of water to determine the exact point of origin. If you have any concerns about your roof give the experts at Ronningen Roofing a call.  We proudly service southern Minnesota areas, and will quickly assess any problems or potential problems, discuss the issue with you and make any repairs to get your home safe and secure once more.