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Emergency Roofing Contractor in Southern Minnesota

It doesn’t take much for a broken tree limb added with wind or snow to take off a section of your roof compromising its ability to protect not only the structure of your home but your family and your home’s contents as well.  Climbing on a roof in icy, wet or windy conditions can be extremely dangerous.  It is best to leave this type of emergency repair to experienced roofers who have the equipment and the expertise to not only do the work safely but quickly and efficiently.

If you live in areas where tornados are a threat, such as Owatonna or Faribault, Minnesota, you need to have an experienced roofer who can come out immediately to not only do emergency roofing repairs, but also to discuss with you exactly what needs to be done to fix shingles, flashing, gutters or siding that may have been damaged.  Once all the repairs are made you will have a roof that will endure the storms of spring and fall and the ice and snow of winter for many years to come.  

Ronningen Roofing contractors will be able to make on the spot inspections in any emergency situation and determine the course of action.  Whether you need a new roof or just repairs made to shingles and flashing, our experienced roofers will be able to assist.  Our roofing professionals are not only knowledgeable, but also use top-quality supplies to meet and exceed the standards necessary for your home.  

So remember, in any emergency situation, allow the professionals at Ronningen Roofing to give you high quality service at an affordable price with you and your family’s safety in mind.  

Moisture around the Fireplace

One problem chimneys are infamous for is leaking. Water-stains or moisture on your ceiling or near the fireplace can be indicators that there is a roofing issue.  A roofing professional will be able to find the source of the problem and save you money by suggesting the best fix before your small issue turns into a big problem.

Many times moisture or water-stains on or near your fireplace can be easily fixed with a chimney cricket.  A cricket is a structure covered with metal flashing or roofing material that diverts water away and prevents it from pounding against the section where the chimney and roof meet.  Flashing is what keeps water from pouring through the gap between the bricks of the fireplace and the roof.  It is often made of aluminum and sealed with tar.  While metal flashings can sometimes take care of the problem, some sloping grades require the use of a cricket to completely fix the issue.

Even if your roof and/or ceiling has not shown signs of moisture it is always a good idea to have the flashings around your chimney inspected at least once every year or two.  It’s important to check for loose or missing flashing or cracks which when corrected at the time, will ward off potential problems such as sheathing rot, insect infestation and plaster damage due to leaks.  There can be other reasons why you are seeing water stains around your chimney, such as water in your attic or damaged roof tiles in need of replacing can also be the culprit. The professionals at Ronningen Roofing will come to your home and do just that.  Our experts will inspect every area to determine any potential problems, discuss it with you and make any needed repairs in order to prevent any chimney or roof leaks in the future.

In Southern Minnesota areas, such as; Winona, Owaonna, Faribault, Northfield, Austin, and Red Wing where high winds, snow and rain are constantly barraging your roof, it’s best to make sure you are ready for any storm that comes your way.  If you are experiencing water damage, seeing staining on your ceilings or walls or need an estimate on roofing repair, we are here to assist you. Let the roofing professionals at Ronningen Roofing put your mind at ease by allowing our qualified team of roofing experts to locate the issue and present the best solution, ensuring your home continues to protect you and your family.