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Signs You Might Need a New Roof

While out doing yard work did you notice some granules from the roof at the downspout of your gutters?  Have you noticed some water stains on your ceiling that weren't there before?  Driving up to your home, did something catch your eye and when you looked up there were shingles missing from your roof?  All of these signs point to roofing problems that need to be taken care of before a few issues become a major roofing expense.

Granules in the downspout of your gutters or in your guttering is a normal aging process for your roof.  However, if you are finding more and with more frequency than in the past, your roof may have gotten to the point of needing to be replaced as the shingles are aging and may be reaching the end of their lifespan.  Water stains on your ceiling may not necessarily indicate a roof leak, however, if you are noticing they grow in size, especially after a rain, the roof may just be the problem.  If you are noticing missing or cracked shingles, or the shingles have started to draw up (cupping) you may want to consider having a profession roofer come and do an inspection.  Missing, cupping or cracked shingles are a part of your roof’s aging process and may not mean you need a complete roof redo, but only if the issue is caught and fixed early on. If your roof is not repaired it can not only lead to your roof needing to be replaced, but also additional damages to your home in the form of leaks, mold and insect damage.  Having a professional roofer come out and assess the situation is always a good idea.  They may be able to come up with a solution short of replacing the entire roof, such as some maintenance or replacing a few of the damaged shingles.

Because your home is a costly investment, we want to work with you to protect it and everything in it.  If you are having any problems with your roof or have any questions give the expert roofing professionals at Ronningen Roofing a call.  We proudly service southern Minnesota and will take the time to go over your concerns with you, do any inspections necessary and make all repairs so you can enjoy your investment for many years to come.