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Proper Roof Flashings: St. Charles, Minnesota

To keep your home free from water leaks a properly installed and maintained roof is key.  Another key is the flashings that surround your chimney, skylights, dormer windows and all vents.  Flashings are put in place to keep water from seeping into your home and compromising its structure.  They keep everything watertight but still allow for the natural contraction and expansion that occurs due to temperatures.  While you may not have a chimney or skylights, every home has vents.  

Vents coming out of your roofing may be from the kitchen, bathroom or attic.  Improper ventilation in these areas can decrease the life of your roofing, cause mold growth in your attic insulation along with wood rot.  It can also damage your roof’s framing structure.  The flashing that surrounds these vents are just as important as the vents themselves.  Any type of crack, rust, broken seam, missing nail or tear can allow water to seep inside your home causing damage.  Caulking alone may not be the answer.  This is why it is best left to the professionals.

Our experienced team at Ronningen Roofing have the knowledge and the experience to not only do inspections to spot potential problems but also investigate any issues you may be having and quickly find a solution. Ronningen Roofing Contractors proudly services southern Minnesota areas, such as St. Charles, Minnesota. Our roofing contractors will work with you, answer any and all questions you may have and come up with a solution that will best fit your needs and your budget.  Customer service is our number one priority.  Allow them to do the work for you so your home will keep your family safe and secure for years to come.

Getting to Know Your Shingle Roof

The care and maintenance of your roofing system is one of the most important parts of home maintenance.  Your roofing system, which includes the roof itself, gutters, flashing and vents, all work together to keep your home free from outside elements.  If one part of this system fails you could be looking at major repairs, replacement and expense.  This is why it is important to know your roof.

What type of roof do you have?  What is its age?  It’s important to know the answer to both of these questions as when problems arise it may still be under the manufacturer’s warranty.

If you are noticing some of your roofing shingles are beginning to lift up or are curling, this is one of the signs of aging. Debris left on the roof, algae or moss or storms and high winds, as well, can be the cause of lifting the edge of those shingles up.  While a curled or lifted shingle may not mean a full roof replacement, it is important to have your roof inspected so you don’t begin to see water damage on the inside of your home.  Another sign of your roof’s aging is if you are noticing more and more granules in your gutters and downspouts.  Shingles continually lose granules throughout their lifetime but seeing more and more frequently is a red flag.  This is actually a sign that your shingles are reaching the end of their lifespan, and it may time to seek an experienced professional to discuss a new roof.   Cracked or torn shingles from foot traffic on the roof, high winds, hail, tree branches or ice and snow can cause problems and need to be addressed right away.

Getting to know your roof and your roofing warranty can be the first step in determining a solution to any problem.  If you have questions or need advice or help, call the qualified professionals at Ronningen Roofing; we have been servicing areas such as Spring Grove, Minnesota since 1998.  We will do inspections which will not only spot problems you may be currently having but also spot potential problems that could escalate in the near future.  We will discuss a solution with you and give you a written estimate of all work.  Allow the professional roofing contractors at Ronningen Roofing help you get to know your roof and keep it working properly for you and your family for years to come.